Those who really want to enjoy their retirement (and all the opportunities it offers), start planning for it right now. In order to easily afford an active and rewarding retirement, you must set aside enough income today, when your career and earning potential is at its height. At John F. Loughrey Financial Services, we believe that a pension is the best way to save for your retirement. Here's why:

Government tax relief

The contributions you make to your pension plan qualify for government tax relief at your marginal rate and the growth in the investment value of your plan is not taxed. So, you gain both ways. You benefit from tax relief on pension contributions whether you're an employee, director, company owner or sole trader.

Peace of mind

These days, the state pension is barely enough to live on and who knows what it might be like in the future. With a private pension plan in place, you are in charge of the type of lifestyle you will enjoy on your retirement. This will not affect your entitlement to the State pension.

A plan designed around you

Your pension plan can be designed to suit your needs. This means that you get to choose how and where your money is invested and how much you want to contribute. You can increase your contributions when you are earning more, reduce them if your circumstances change or even take a break completely if you are struggling financially – you are always in control.

Impartial pension advice

We can help you choose the very best plan, funds and fund managers on the Irish market as we have access to all of the main pension providers.

A wide choice of ways to plan for retirement

We have a strong track record and extensive experience of arranging pensions for people and businesses from all walks of life. We can ensure that the pension you choose offers excellent value for money, solid performance prospects and maximises the tax reliefs available.

The type of contracts we can advise on include:

  • Personal pensions
  • Directors' pension plans
  • Company pension plans
  • Additional Voluntary Contribution Schemes (AVCs)
  • Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs)
  • Self-Administered Pensions
  • Self-Directed Pensions
  • Approved Retirement Funds
Existing arrangements

If you already have one of these plans in place but are not being contacted to review it on a regular basis you can contact us. Even if you are no longer paying contributions it is important to get regular reviews and take an interest. After all this is your money, you want to make sure it is working as hard for you as you worked to save it. We may be able to secure more competitive terms or suggest alternative fund options with more potential for growth.