Although we are not currently facilitating mortgages ourselves we would strongly advocate using a broker when you are looking for a new mortgage or wish to switch providers. An Mortgage Advisor can research the market making sure you are aware of all available contracts and recommend the ones they feel may be most suitable to your particular circumstances.

Please contact us and we would be happy to recommend a Mortgage Broker.

Mortgage Protection

When you are getting a mortgage there is also a requirement to have life cover. If you do get your mortgage directly from a bank, more often than not, they will lead you to believe that you are obliged to take out a Life Policy with them. This is not the case. Indeed the banks can usually only offer terms from one insurance provider as they are essentially tied to that company.

Best Advice

By contacting us we can ensure you get the most competitive price on the market and will factor in any existing cover you have in place to see if it can be used, or perhaps replaced with a more appropriate policy. We will ensure your policy is issued in time for your mortgage drawdown.

Regular Reviews

We will also review your cover regularly to ensure you are still getting good value for money and let you know if we feel you may benefit from moving to a different provider.