Often the financial world can seem complicated and full of jargon. We make it our business to cut through the complexities, so that you understand exactly what is being offered to you. We pride ourselves in the knowledge that, after a meeting with us, clients are better informed about the options available to them. We believe that our understanding of the needs of our customers, and the subsequent service we provide them, sets us apart from our competitors.

Our values and the relationship we would like with our clients can be best summed up by the following commitments:

  • We will always act impartially and with your best interests at heart
  • We will treat you fairly, as we would want to be treated ourselves
  • We will tell you what we will do and what we won't
  • We will be friendly, courteous and responsive
  • We will act with integrity, honesty and openness in everything we do for and with you
  • We will be totally transparent with regard to our dealings with you
  • We will absolutely respect your confidentiality
  • We expect to develop a long-term partnership with you, to help you achieve your lifetime goals
  • We will aim to meet agreed deadlines and where we are unable we will update you as early as possible
  • We measure our success based on your perception of our service
Next Steps


When we first meet with you, we complete a ‘fact find’ to determine your current financial position. This helps us identify gaps in your financial planning, which we can bring to your attention. We then discuss a strategy for moving forward, identifying issues that need to be addressed immediately and those for which you may wish to take a longer term view.

In the case of pensions, investments or savings where you are going to be investing in the markets, we complete a risk questionnaire with you. This will establish the level of risk you are comfortable with and will help us identify funds/products that are most suitable for you.


We research the market on your behalf, saving you time and money. We outline all of the charges you need to be aware of and, when you decide to proceed with us, we take the hassle out of the application process. We can fill out the forms with you, advise on all the accompanying documentation required, send it to the relevant company and department and follow up with them to see if there are any outstanding requirements – all of which ensures the speedy issue of your policy.


We offer, and indeed encourage, all of our clients to meet with us for a review at least once a year. Even if you think nothing in your circumstances has changed, often some regulation or legislation may have changed that could have an impact on the policy you have. Markets may be turbulent and/or your attitude to risk could have altered.

One of our financial advisors will conduct an annual review of your financial plans, products and services. The aim of this review is to give you a clear idea of where you stand financially and if there are other opportunities and products worth exploring. If there is anything you would like more information on, then your annual review is the perfect time to discuss this with your advisor. It is your responsibility to take an interest in your business and we are here to help.